Diane Lavin

Education Team Supervisor

Diane Lavin will move from her current role as a Religious School faculty member to a new part-time role as Education Team Supervisor. Many of you know Diane who has been a Jewish educator for 40 years as a teacher, supervisor, and administrator. She has an MS in Education from The Ohio State University and an MA in Bible from the Cleveland College of Jewish Studies. As a founding member of the Rashi School in Boston, MA, she worked as both a consultant to the head of school and coach to the faculty from 1985-1990. From 1990-1996, she served as an administrator and supervisor in our Religious School, developing and teaching a course for faculty grade 3-6 and a course at the College of Jewish Studies in coaching and supervision. She spent 17 years at the Agnon School teaching middle school Judaics and language arts, one year as co-director of the middle school. She also leads our Shabbat morning Torah study group. 

Diane Lavin can be reached at Dlavin@fairmounttemple.org